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Premier Car Wash Coatings is a division of Premier Fiberglass, Inc. founded in 1998. We have an outstanding 17-year history of coating different substrates, specifying the proper product to solve customer’s corrosion problems. We specialize in Industrial Corrosion Resistant Coatings. We proudly serve the Car Wash industry and are members of the Southwest Car Wash Association and the Southeastern Car Wash Association. Our technicians are highly trained coating applicators. Our Lead Production Team has over 25 years experience in the coatings industry giving you the confidence your job will be run efficiently and correctly, setting the bar for excellence on every project.

Premier knows specifying the correct material for the job is only part of a successful coating installation. Correct surface preparation is imperative before the application process begins. If short cuts are taken premature failure of the coating and deterioration of the substrate is inevitable. Our coating specialists study each project and determine the optimum approach to surface preparation based on site-specific conditions such as substrate material, existing corrosion, humidity and other environmental conditions.

Sherri Fowler