Cleaning & Vapor Blasting

Cleaning & Vapor Blasting

O ver time your Commercial Car Wash is plagued with environmental, chemical, and biological attack resulting in a dirty image, which is the death plague for a Car Wash. Let Premier help you restore your buildings to keep customers driving into your Car Wash!

Masonry and Brick Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Premier uses a variety of chemicals that remove, White Efflorescence, Green Vanadium, Brown Manganese, White Scum, Acid Burn, Lime Run and Calcium Deposits. We can reveal the beauty of new masonry hidden under job site soiling, residual mortar, staining and efflorescence.
We also have maintenance contracts to routinely perform a power clean to always have your carwash looking bright and new, attracting lots of traffic. Call us to restore the beauty of masonry obscured by years of built-up grime and paint.
Protect and enhance cleaned masonry with Premier’s water repellents and anti-graffiti systems to maintain that beauty for the future. Our breathable clear water sealers are an excellent way to keep you Car Wash looking new. They prevent oil, water and stain penetration ensuring your masonry, stone, brick and stucco are easy clean and maintain.

Vapor Blasting

If chemical cleaning is not adequate we can safely and effectively clean with our Vapor Blast system, which safely cleans any substrate. Eco Quip blasting equipment allows us to blast around other people and cars, as it generates 92% less dust that dry blasting and uses less water than traditional water based we blasting. The equipment optimizes the air, water and media ratio to give you a powerful fine mist blast.