E onCoat is a new technology that will bond chemically to the cementicious substrate in carwashes. EonCoat does not simply sit on top of the substrate. An exothermic reaction bonds EonCoat to the top layer of the substrate, forming an impenetrable coating. EonCoat will bond to cinderblock, tilt wall construction or brick. Typical coatings only bond with a mechanical bond. No longer will you have to worry about bonding failure and peeling coatings. This revolutionary spray coating forms a dense protective, flexible ceramic, chemically bonded in minutes.
EonCoat is an excellent choice for New Car Washes or Renovations. The Premier Coatings Specialists will ensure the proper surface preparations occur.

EonCoat Benefits

=> Corrosion Resistant
=> Abrasion Resistant
=> Chemical Resistant
=> UV Resistant
=> Anti Microbial
=> No VOCs, No HAPs, No Odors
=> Fire Retardant
=> Quick Return to Service